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What is Vual Fabric?

Vual Fabric is a lightweight, comfortable textile fabric made of 100% cotton. But it is found in voodoo fabrics made of natural fiber. In word sense; "Vual Fabric", which means "thin veil", is a French word. Vual fabric, which is likened to silk fabric due to its bright and slippery structure; It is used in many production items such as headscarves, underwear, dresses, shawls. It is a high quality fabric that is mostly preferred because they are quite ideal for daily use. Vual fabric, where all body structures can be easily used, does not cause allergic symptoms, so it can be easily used in people with sensitive skin structure. Vual fabrics, which are mostly used in home decoration, are used in important home decoration products such as pillowcases and curtains. Silky softness is a feature that attracts a lot of attention in high quality voleal fabrics.

Features of Vual Fabric

Features of voodoo fabric;

1 This is because it offers a comfortable use by absorbing body sweat.

2 Due to its organic structure, voodoo fabrics do not cause allergic reactions in the body.

3 It is very comfortable to use due to its comfortable and light structure.

4 Vual fabrics knitted frequently and flatly are easy to wrinkle.

5 Due to its transparent structure, it shows the inside in clothes, but it has a highly durable structure.

Vual fabrics, which have a 6-elegance look, have the ability to absorb water.

Care of Vual Fabric

The maintenance of vual fabric produced as 100% cotton is very important. You should not wash vual fabrics that are among sensitive fabrics in hot water. Vual fabrics washed with hot water can pull and wrinkle more than usual. Therefore, washing voleal fabrics manually is the method that we recommend the most. Dry cleaning will be healthier in terms of lifespan, of course.

You can iron vual fabrics at high temperatures, but you should not do centrifucular drying (drying by turning or drying with dryers). When you pay attention to washing and drying properties, voodoo fabrics are fabrics with a very long-lasting quality of use.

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